HERE FOR YOU - a song for baby Lily

H E R E * F O R * Y O U ... it's finally here! I'm extremely excited that I can share it with you and can't wait to hear what you think. Every time I head to the studio I always take a different approach to keep me on my toes and this time it was off to Nashville. Together with Billy Schlosser we turned my song Here For You into the way it sounds today and, thanks to N*Tertainment, there's a beautiful looking video to go with it.

Had some serious fun shooting the cover for this single too. Normally, photoshoots can be pretty boring, but for this one I was working witht he incredible Manfred Baumann in an amazing mansion in the Hollywood Hills and I'm loving the way those snaps came out. 

When it came to the video, it is unfortunately going to be the last shoot at this amazing location as it is being knocked down. I think it's extra special to be able to immortalise such an incredible place by doing this video before the demolition team sets in. 

Enjoy the song and let me know what you think.